What They’re Saying
“Within six months of meeting CERRITO, he began working every night for two years at my club in Hawaii. CERRITO is putting out a new style of music, country crossing into Latino which is a new sound that’s about to happen; it’s inevitably a great move and I am a huge fan!” -Charo (Entertainer, Actress, and Guitarist)
“CERRITO’s music fills a major void for the growing legions of Latino country music lovers everywhere and he is one of the most spirited, generous and professional performers I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.” -Elizabeth Cook (Contemporary Country Music Singer and Songwriter)
 “His velvety voice mixed with the passion and emotion that he infuses when he performs creates an uplifting  feeling; plus the percussion and rhythm in his style makes it not only great music to listen to but also excellent to dance. And we all know how we Hispanics are in that regard, So, I encourage you to listen to his music soon” -Gloria Bishop (Spanglish Music City Billingual Magazine)
 “Castanets, rippling acoustic guitar, Mexicali trumpets and the whole South-of-the-Border sound! It’s high time country music started courting a Hispanic audience and this is as good a place to start as any.” -Robert K. Oermann (Music Row Magazine)
 “Over the years, there’s been the occasional Hispanic country star, Johnny Rodriguez, Freddy Fender, and Emilio..but now we can finally add the name CERRITO to that list!” -Maverick Country Magazine UK
 “Cerrito is a consummate entertainer in every sense of the definition.” -Hank Adam Locklin (CMA)
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